Americans tested for strength nine crossovers


Americans tested for strength nine crossovers

SUVs Chevrolet and GMC were the most ” survivable ”

American Institute of Insurance Safety (IIHS) crash tests conducted nine midsize vsedorozhnikov . Only three of them managed to get the highest award for protection of passengers (Top Safety Pick +), transmits motor .

Were considered the safest crossovers Toyota Highlander, as well as Chevrolet Equinox and its ” twin ” GMS Terrain. The last two vsedorozhnika , according to experts , received high marks due to the fact that by 2014 model year, these machines has been upgraded front body structure and reinforced A-pillars . Only complaint caused lateral blind, leave some space in which part of the breakaway could get the vehicle.

Worst result showed crossover Honda Pilot, which the body is subjected to strong deformation . In particular, the parking brake pedal shifted by 42 cm inside. Only a small portion of the dummy’s head was protected by an air bag, slipped off her left , while the steering column is shifted by 14 centimeters to the right. In addition, the dummy sensors recorded possibility of serious injury in his left knee and hip , as well as both legs drumsticks .

On the penultimate place was Mazda CX- 9 , which vmyali Front door inwards by 43 centimeters , causing the front wheel has got to his left knee . In this case the side airbag did not work , and the door frame entered the cabin and hit the head of the dummy. Pillow Jeep Grand Cherokee is almost completely covered his head , but the lack of tension belt allowed her to slip and hit the front rack .


In Germany, foreign drivers have to pay tax for driving on roads

Transportation tax will add to the treasury tens of millions of German euro per year

German Ministry of Transport announced that in 2016 foreign nationals will need to pay for travel on the roads of the country. Despite criticism of discrimination by the EU, transport tax for foreigners will still be introduced.

Thus, the government hopes to plug the hole, which for many years gaping infrastructure.

With the introduction of Toll authorities hope to boost the coffers of tens of millions of euros per year.

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Toyota – the most profitable carmaker

After examining the company’s financial statements and comparing with competitors’ profitability indicators , analysts S.AR (University of Duisburg – Essen ) recognized auto giant Toyota ‘s most profitable in 2013. Rent a car in Baku

In total, over the past year , Toyota has managed to realize 10.2 million of its vehicles . Pretax profit from each car is 1.56 thousand euros, profit margin – 8.8%.

Such impressive results the company has achieved against the background of positive factors for yourself as a weakening of the national currency ( Yen ) and updating the Japanese fleet . And this despite the fact that Toyota had to recall a record number of vehicles to eliminate possible problems.

The next two places ranking took Chrysler and Volkswagen respectively. Toyota Rent in Baku


In the Netherlands, have created a unique luminous road

Road markings covered photoluminescent powder. Rent a car in Baku

In 2012, a Dutch designer offered a very interesting concept boundaries road lighting at night. The project aims to make roads more ” interactive “, and at the same time reduce the cost of electricity and other resources that are needed to illuminate the streets and especially long motorway passes Hi-Tech News.

It seems that the concept has ceased to be a concept and started its embodiment in reality. At least on some highways Netherlands. To date, one of the Netherlands runs (N329 town Oss ) , over a length of about 500 meters lights lighting have been completely replaced by glowing in the dark road markings indicating the border strip and the road itself .

Glow in the dark markings was developed road construction company Heijmans based photoluminescent powder added to the paint to cover the roads. In the company’s plans to install such markings and in other areas , as well as the creation of a special glowing weather road markings , which began to glow in certain weather conditions, such as in the rain or light snow , as well as under certain temperature indicators of the environment.

Unfortunately, due to lack of contracts , until such plans can not be implemented . Despite the fact that the idea is really interesting , there are questions about the durability of the paint in such constant motion on her car as well as how it will behave in a non-uniform coating of the road itself .


New Volvo XC90: secrets reindeer

Swedish second-generation crossover – easy , 4 – cylinder engine and the smell of ” apple .” Rent a car in Baku

Rumor has it that the north holds many mysteries . One of them is partially revealed by Volvo test track in the Arctic: a narrow circle of journalists in secrecy showed preproduction XC90. Information about one of the most anticipated cars of this year , British media reported .

Crossover is built upon a new scalable chassis SPA (Scalable Product Architecture). It consists of five sections , with four dimensions ( front and rear overhang, cabin and luggage compartment ) can be varied. Engine compartment fixed in size , the distance from the front axle and the floor near the front passenger footwell – 593 mm . Crossover in full advantage of ” trolley “. At length he reached over 100 mm to about 4.9 m, became wider and lower . Salon, allegedly now significantly roomier , especially noticeable increase in the second and third row of seats . Increased and the amount of luggage . Platform , for the most part , made ​​of high-strength steels , aluminum and applied only in the front suspension , but Hakan Ivarsson , technical project manager, assured : “Ninety ” will be the lightest in its class.

Scalable Product Architecture is designed only for completely new 4- cylinder engines (the most powerful – petrol turbo and a mechanical compressor develops 300 hp ), but adapted for the use of a hybrid power plant , including the type of plug-in, as well as an all-electric powertrain. With high probability appears XC90, which axle is driven by a conventional internal combustion engine , and back – electric motor. Improve fuel economy by 15-35 % depending on the modification .

Interior company demonstirovala another teaser images last fall. The lion’s share of physical keys on the virtual replace huge 9.5 -inch tablet , center console , from which you can control the climate , navigation, entertainment system and Apple CarPlay phone. XC90 will catch the complex systems of active and passive safety , created under the plan of Vision 2020: The Swedes philanthropists are hoping that in 2020 no one suffered serious injuries in their machines .

Showing SUV general public will be held later this year .


In Crimea, Ukrainian law began to change and re-registration of vehicles

After receiving a Russian passport Crimeans and Sevastopol without exams will replace Ukrainian “right” to Russian

In Crimea and Sevastopol started issuing driving licenses Russian sample, and also began to re-register the car . According to police the Crimea , this process will continue until the end of the year.

“No emergency replacement documents and license plates is not planned, it will take place as planned . Until the end, Crimeans and Sevastopol can enjoy their cars and their existing Ukrainian driver’s licenses without any restrictions “, – stressed the police.

Thus those explained in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Crimea, who already received a Russian passport , may at any convenient time, apply to registration and examination of traffic police unit , where their vehicle is re-registered in accordance with Russian legislation , and its registration documents and state registration plates will be replaced by Russian .

” To re-register the vehicle citizen must submit: Russian passport with registration mark in the Crimea and Sevastopol ; registration documents for the vehicle ; state registration of the vehicle , ” – said in the Crimean militia .

The same goes for driving licenses – after receiving a Russian passport Crimeans and Sevastopol without exams will replace Ukrainian “right” to Russian driver’s licenses . To replace a driver’s license must submit : passport of the Russian Federation with a registration mark on the territory of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ; Ukrainian driver’s license ; medical certificate . However, there are nuances to the last – if the medical board passed after March 21 , it should be issued medspravka already in compliance with the Russian legislation.

Recall that in the Crimea and Sevastopol began work Russian traffic police . Their main task – to help local colleagues and drivers to master the Russian legislation .


Infiniti Q70L: restyled with a banner

In the absence of a ” full-fledged ” flagship role play his deputy dlinnobaznaya ” semidesyatka .” Rent a car in Baku

Top Model brand representation class F, according to preliminary estimates , will appear in 2017-2018 year , and while the attention of VIP- clientele offered sedan Q70L ( to change nomenclature names seventieth series called M). Phantasmagoric car still resembles predatory marine reptile , and external changes are “cosmetic ” in nature. For example, to change the head and rear optics , bumpers and shape of the trunk lid . Interior decoration is almost the same .

First versions with increased distance could be satisfied mezhstupichnym except Chinese . Debut as part of the New York motor show hints at expansion of the sphere of influence – now master the new American market and “other countries “. In the standard Q70 wheelbase is 2900 mm , while the modifications to this L size to add on another 150 mm. Stock legroom rear passengers – 822 mm ! Thus, the car almost came into size class F. Significantly improved insulation – According to the manufacturer , the highway speeds Q70 77% quieter than the competition.

Infiniti is available with rear – wheel drive transmission and the same engine that is mounted on korotkobaznym Q70: 3,7- liter unit V6 330 hp or “eight” volume of 5.6 liters , which develops 416 hp ( 4 weaker force “short” machine). There is also a model with a hybrid power plant , including a 3.5 -liter V6 engine to 302 hp and 67 – horsepower electric motor . Entering the market , according to unofficial data , at the end of this year.


BMW is recalling nearly 400,000 cars due to a defect in the engine

Defect is detected in bolting system timing

German carmaker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) withdraws from the market about half a million vehicles due to defects in the parts of the engine , the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Machines were produced in the period from September 2009 to November 2011 .

The total includes more than 232 thousand cars , which speak in China , as well as 156.137 thousand cars in the USA .

Defect is detected in bolting system timing. In some cases, there is the risk of breaking off the bolts , which in turn can result in damage to the power unit.

However, BMW notes that so far no incidents were reported.

The largest automotive group of the world since the beginning of 2014 have withdrawn from the market nearly 15 million cars. With a large margin until the ” leader ” of the world ‘s largest automaker – Japanese Toyota Motor Corp. Apart from him, similar to stocks this year had a General Motors Co., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG.


Toyota Camry 2015: reason for jealousy?

Bestseller American market, hold the lead for 12 years , has been updated . This is the next generation or deep restyling ? Rent a car in Baku

The correct answer to the second , although spectacular Camry 2015 , presented in New York , it pulls on the ” nove “. American specification vyneshne considerably and for the better, is differentiated from a sedan to Russia , but even on its background modernized sedan – the harmony itself . Length grew by 45 mm and the track is increased by 10 mm. Body panels except the roof , completely new . Number of welding points increased , and the body is now more rigid, which will contribute to improving the manageability and increasing level of passive safety . Retuned suspension , electric power steering characteristics changed .

Fair share of attention is paid to developers comfort. The company claims that the current Toyota Camry – the quietest in the model’s history . New carpeting contains 30% more acoustic material , and even mirrors have found a new , more aerodynamically perfect shape .

Updated interior – it should be called more refined . Familiar dash architecture coexists with improved materials and finishes modified dashboard . Optitronnaya scales placed between the 4.2- inch monitor , which displays various indications multimedia system.

The range of engines and the former includes a 2.5 -liter “four” and the V6 engine of 3.5 liters . There is also a modification of the hybrid power plant . U.S. sales of new items will start this fall. I wonder what will change after overseas sister “our » Camry?


Honda will introduce a new crossover

In the U.S., announce a new model of the Japanese automaker

Honda promises to come to the auto show in New York in 2014 not with empty hands . The Japanese automaker will bring to the show a lineup of new Fit, as well as talk about the new crossover . While Honda refuses to say what kind of model, but not worth much effort to guess that this will be a new Honda Vezel specification for the U.S. market .

Previously it was assumed that the United States market Honda ‘s new crossover will be offered under the name HR-V. In Japan Vezel offered 1.5 – liter engine producing 130 horsepower , as well as a hybrid propulsion system . What will be the range of engines in the U.S., it will be clear at the show in New York. In Europe, the car will appear only next year .