Rent a car in Baku for foreigners

Rent a car in Baku for foreigners

Many foreign tourists who come to Baku faced with an uncomfortable public transport and have some difficulties in moving around the city . To understand the complex patterns of traffic , sometimes they lack knowledge of the Azerbaijani language . In such a situation, the best solution is to rent a car in Baku.

Car hire in Baku allows foreign visitors around the city , regardless of transport timetables . Of course , you can use a normal taxi , but if you move around the city and need a lot of active, then it can be a pretty penny. A rental car in Baku will significantly save money without losing the amenities taxi service .

Certainly a significant role regains ignorance foreign guests of the city. But this problem can be solved in two ways. First, you can hire a car with the driver of the lessor. He can drop off a guest at any point of Baku . In fact, such a service is a long-term taxi. But just because the car is taken for quite a long period , the cost of the taxi is much lower than in the case of the ordinary. The second option is to use GPS- navigator. For a small additional fee, you can take this wonderful device that will help you easily navigate the city . In order to determine the route to the desired point of the city, is enough to know only the destination address . GPS- navigator make you feel more independent in an unfamiliar city , while relieving the difficulties in orientation.

Rent a car in Baku allows visitors to our country to choose a machine suitable for their class. All those for whom it is important to quickly park on the narrow streets , we can recommend a small car with a small fuel consumption. And for business meetings would be the best car rental executive class in Baku. If the plans of the foreign visitor is listed on the nature of the trip , it is better to rent a full drive SUV. In any case, the car rental will satisfy any customer .

In order to hire a car , you need to provide a foreigner passport, driving license of international standard, and also to make a security deposit in cash or by international bank card . Thus it is necessary that the driving experience was at least one year , and the age of the tenant – not less than 19 years .

Rent a car in Baku for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the most active part of society , actively enjoying various kinds of services. Car hire in Baku is also among the services , which is actively used by representatives of various business segments. And entrepreneurs , depending on the nature of their activities , rent a variety of types of cars from compact runabouts to powerful SUVs and minivans.

Rent a car in Baku is a very handy tool for small and medium businesses. Often entrepreneurs do not have enough working capital to purchase new transport units and borrowed money now cost quite expensive. Furthermore, the costs of maintenance, repairs and maintenance of the park cars are extremely high. In this situation, a rental car is a good solution. Besides the fact that car rental solves the above problems , it makes it easy to plan the costs for machinery . And it is also not unimportant for business.

Different types of businesses require different classes of vehicles . So , for courier companies and delivery services of various kinds will be the best solution compact cars with large luggage compartment . And if you deliver documents may be sufficient even simple motorcycle or scooter. To work with large volumes of cargo may need a minivan. A working staff for transportation can be rented minibus or minivan. If you need a car to travel to the talks or meetings business partners , the box can always find a great car class .

Rent a car in Baku for entrepreneurs carried out, as a rule, on more favorable terms because of the huge volume of orders and pre- agreed schedule of car use. After all, the companies involved in car hire concerned that their clients were actively used cars instead of idle in the parking lot all day .

Car hire in Baku can be carried out along with the driver of the lessor , and without it . In the first case, the tenant can save not only on the service cars , but also on wages and social benefits staffer . In general , every entrepreneur can be a separate agreement on the special conditions , which will satisfy both sides of the transaction.

Rent a car in Baku executive class

Luxury cars have relatively high price. The use of such machines is very limited. At a car hard to go to a trip out of town . In addition, park it in the city center is often problematic. All this makes the purchase class car unnecessary . But sometimes there is still a need to have an expensive executive cars: to meet business partners or out on the negotiations , for example. In this case, the assistance you will rent a car in Baku.

Rent luxury cars in Baku will allow any business to avoid freezing large amounts of working capital. In addition , rental cars to avoid the costs of maintenance and repair of machines. And it is worth remembering that the spare parts and accessories for these machines are very expensive ! Turning to the rental car , you will use an expensive car only when you need it. The vehicle can be reserved in advance. Then you will be sure that the car you will be in the time you want and in the right place .

Many companies that provide cars for rent in Baku , in a special way to relate to customers that are hiring executive class cars . Great bottle of champagne – not uncommon in such cases. There are other gifts or surprises. Generally , companies , landlords try not to skimp on corporate clients , as they constitute the basis of their daily income .

Especially for the business is to rent a car with driver in Baku . It eliminates the need to keep the state personal driver . If you go to rent a car in Baku , you unnecessarily pay wages and insurance contributions to the regular driver, who , as a rule, you do not need on a regular basis . At the same time , the company that delivers cars to rent, always ready to make a schedule with regular customer use cars a month in advance , the customer can be confident in the quality of services provided.

Rent a car in Baku can greatly simplify the work of any private businesses that need a car for business meetings , negotiations, corporate events and presentations. Car rental service allows you to optimize and significantly reduce the cost of the fleet , thereby improving business efficiency.

Rent a car for the weekend. Rent a car in Baku

Modern residents of large cities are extremely used to spend much time at work. So weekends are particularly valuable time that would like to spend the maximum benefit . Fun and spend time many of us can help such a service as car rental holiday in Baku.

Even if you do not have your own car , you can easily rent it for the weekend and go on a journey . Rent a car in Baku is available even to those people who do not have a driver’s license : You can easily hire a car with driver. Depending on where you travel you can choose a suitable vehicle class. So , for walks in the country and to enjoy the beauty of nature is best suited powerful and reliable SUV. If you want to enjoy a trip to another city, a small company , the compact car – that’s what you really need.

In order to go on a trip by a small group , you can contact the car rental and rent a comfortable and roomy vehicle . It is, however , bear in mind that rental car in Baku weekend ‘s worth a little more expensive than during the week , due to an increased demand for this service . After the weekend the mobility of urban residents increased sharply , and in a stuffy train ride many people do not like.

Rent a car in Baku at the weekend is also convenient if you are arranging a wedding, and vehicle fleet for transportation of guests is missing. In this case, you can always take a few cars or executive class minibuses for hire. And not to distract someone from the guests from the holiday table , you can rent a car with a driver immediately .

Also rental car in Baku on weekends to help you organize a great corporate event . You can easily drop off the entire work team to the right place , having spent a minimum of effort. In addition, the rental company can submit a car anywhere in the city specified by the customer.

Who among foreign tourists became fashionable trend selected holiday to another country . Rent a car for the weekend to help them get rid of problems with movement around an unfamiliar city . The main thing – in addition to the car hire GPS- navigator . For a small additional fee it can be done easily . Then , to get anywhere in the city , will be enough to know its address .

Rent jeeps in Baku

Many city dwellers like to relax in the countryside, away from the bustle of big cities. But, unfortunately , the quality of roads in our country leaves much to be desired . Therefore, the ideal is an SUV. However, the use of the car in the city is not so practical: large vehicles difficult to park , and fuel consumption are quite significant . In this case, the ideal option is to rent a car in Baku.

Indeed, if you are resident in , and your little car is not designed for trips out of town on rough terrain , the car rental in Baku will help you solve this problem. You can always take a great jeep hire. There you can take a trip on the most difficult routes , where rarely gone before. Thus you will not need to constantly keep an expensive car with great fuel economy, which , moreover , is very difficult to park in tight city streets.

Besides car rental in Baku offers visitors a fairly simple procedure of registration of all documents , which lasts only a few minutes. Having a passport, driving license and some money , you can easily rent a jeep and take a trip on the far corners of our country. The main thing – carefully inspect the car before you sign all documents . All the flaws in the condition of the vehicle must be secured in a special document . Otherwise, rent a car in Baku can cost you a pretty penny in the grave . Indeed, for all the damage that will not be recorded in the relevant act , you have to answer .

Returning a rental car , do not forget to remove the inner and fill a full tank of gas to return the vehicle in exactly the same condition in which you took it . Only in this case the deposit which you left in hire cars , will be returned in full.

Car hire in Baku is very handy if you need a four-wheel drive SUV. Consultants lessor will help you choose the appropriate model depending on whether , for what areas will be mainly run your route , what roads you will use most often , what fuel consumption is acceptable for you , etc. It is thanks to rental car in Baku , you can organize an excellent trip , and nothing will spoil you a wonderful holiday in nature!

Advantages of renting a car without a driver. Rent a car in Baku

Rent a car without a driver in Baku is one of the most popular services of companies providing car hire. This is due to several advantages of the proposal.

Freedom of movement in any situation. Rent a car in Baku without driver allows to use the machine at any time and for any period that is particularly important in the following situations :

in the absence of their own cars . Rent a car in Baku demand among those who have already got a driver’s license , but have not had time to choose a suitable car , or did not get enough money to buy the model you like . It is possible to rent a car of the same make and test-drive .

Breakdown personal car . Hired car will be reliable and convenient replacement of his car under repair . This solution will solve the current business as usual .

on a business trip . Rent a car in Baku without driver will enable comfortably get to the right place for their business needs , as well as easily and quickly move to another city.

traveling. Rent a car in Baku popular among people who prefer to travel independently , leisure -loving and seeking maximum visit interesting places.

Saving on car maintenance . If you rent a car , you can save yourself from having to pay vehicle tax for private cars , the regular passing inspection , repair costs and other expenses .

Constant variety . Turning to the company providing car rental , you can change periodically rented car on their own : choose any brand , color, completion and so on.

Advantages of renting a car in front of a taxi. Rent a car in Baku

In everyone’s life there are situations when it is necessary to use the services of hired vehicles. In this case, most of the townspeople immediately call a cab , without thinking about alternative possibilities . Meanwhile, on the Russian market is widely represented rental service cars. Rental vehicles is a great solution for long trips around town or outings . Moreover  You can order additional services for the delivery and return of the vehicle. Taking a car, you will receive a number of advantages over conventional call a taxi.

Ability to select a car in Baku. As a rule, most fleet companies that provide taxi service consists of the machines of the highest class . The client is not able to assess in advance the quality of these vehicles. Therefore , ordering a taxi , you can always get an uncomfortable car “Zhiguli” or supported by foreign car. Car hire in Baku excludes such surprises . Before you rent a car , you will be able to thoroughly examine the entire fleet lessor and choose the most suitable for you vehicle.

Fixed cost . The cost of a cab ride is determined individually. So named carrier original price may increase because baggage , child seat or prolonged standing in a traffic jam . This price increase is especially noticeable in large cities such as Baku. When renting a car you will not have to pay extra money . Hiring cost is fixed and determined in advance in the contract.

Driver’s choice . When renting a vehicle , you can order the services of a personal driver. In this case you will receive a full analogue taxi VIP class at a more attractive price. This service is ideal for short business trips or airport transfers . If you prefer to manage the vehicle , there is nothing easier.

When to rent a car. Rent a car in Baku

In life there are situations when you have to take the car in the box . In this case you should contact the audited company , who provide a large selection of quality vehicles.

· Business . If you will be meeting with business partners or need to meet them at the train station or airport , and a free car does not work , you can rent a car business class in Baku. Comfortable and stylish cars emphasize your status and will give you extra confidence . You will be able to acquaint business partners with the sights of the city, show a variety of interesting places to drive to the restaurant and hotel.

· Tourism . When traveling out of town for a weekend or holiday it is important to have a reliable , proven car. Modern systems allow the driver to not overwork the road. Cruise control , climate control , automatic transmission and other nice features are designed to ensure that everyone felt comfortable . Even if you make a trip out of town , in the cabin of a modern car you will be comfortable .

· Solemn events . In everyone’s life there are special cases when looking for a beautiful and comfortable car . Whether it’s discharge from hospital , engagement , wedding or any other significant event for you – bright modern car adds solemnity and style. Renting a car in Baku chic , everyone will be able to decorate an important moment in his life .

How to rent a car abroad. Rent a car in Baku

Rent a car in Baku ( abroad) enjoys consistently high demand among Russian tourists. Moving your own transport , you can get to know the culture of a foreign country , explore the local area and to make your stay truly memorable . Today there are three ways of renting a car abroad.

Through companies in your country

In many countries, working many firms providing rental in Baku abroad. Typically , these companies are intermediaries between domestic and foreign tenants landlords. In this method, you enter into a contract of employment in your country , and arriving at a foreign airport , pick up the car. This will allow you to not waste time and immediately get the desired car class (but not a specific brand ) .

Through the website of a foreign company

You can book yourself a car abroad. To do this, fill out an application online rental company operating in your country of residence . Then you may be required to pay an advance rent. However, some resources are charged a certain percentage for the use of a credit card. The disadvantage of this method of hiring is that any disputes are you will be faced with a foreign partner , acting on the basis of other legislation .

on the spot

If you decide to rent transport in Baku, only arriving abroad , you can visit the car rental at the airport or the city.

What you should pay attention. Rent a car in Baku

No car or breaking it – it ‘s not a reason to deny yourself the necessary and long-awaited trip. In this case, you can rent a car in Baku. It is important to take a car from a reputable company . When you make a deal should carefully read the contract , get insurance and clarify their actions in the event of an accident.

Choosing a company . The market rental without driver offer different companies : both small and large . In a small office, it will cost a little cheaper . But there is a likelihood of fraud with credit cards, with hidden defects of the car, the appearance of defects in the contract is not in your favor . Large companies often provide the service – took the car in one place, put into another .

Order cars in Baku. Several companies offer book cars for hire through the internet. This saves time and at less cost than draw on the spot. Selected car class you get the set time. However, some companies do not require credit card data , and in case of failure you do not lose anything .

Necessary documents . An important factor in the design of the machine is the presence of a driver’s license . May also require a credit card or money for a deposit . Different companies may be an age limit of 18-25 years .

Additional options . When renting a car in Baku may have additional options : unlimited mileage ( with a limited run for the extra kilometers will have to pay ) , a full tank of gas ( in this case, you agree to return the car as fully fueled ) , child seat , GPS-navigator , etc.