Hyundai Accent


Hyundai Accent

For almost two years on sale in Ukraine sedan Hyundai Accent. This best-selling model of the Korean brand in Ukraine. To make your experience about this car, we took it for a test drive in the metropolitan Motor ” Eden- cars ” on the street of the capital . Large roundabout . Rent Hyundai Accent in Baku

Hyundai Accent is offered in seven trim levels priced from Rs 118,300 to Rs 159,500 . Sell ​​cars with 1.4-liter (107 hp) and 1.6-liter (127 hp) gasoline engine. You can also choose between the gearbox 4 speed ? ? Automatic and 5-speed ? ? Mechanical . We take the test machine with a 1.4 -liter engine and the “automatic” in the configuration Classik. This car is worth 129,600 USD. This is the cheapest grade with an automatic transmission .


Externally, the new Accent resembles the previous generation of this model, only the emblem on the grille. Cars are completely different. The new machine is much more of its design has become a little more aggressive. Side ribs car pointing down , go from the trunk to the hood , large headlights slightly convex . Machine design is very reminiscent of the new Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Sonata. Front bumper Accent, grille and front panel made ​​as one solid plastic part . Car door handles , side mirrors and fog lamps instead of plugs in the bumper black. In the configuration Comfort mirrors and door handles painted in body color . Installed on the car 15-inch tires, wheels – black stamped . Machine clearance – 16 centimeters in KIA RIO , Chevrolet Aveo New, ZAZ Lanos.

Inspect the interior and trunk

Landing on the driver’s seat is high, good visibility to the front , side plates are small. The driver’s seat has a wide range of adjustments . Also it can be lifted up. Steering wheel is made of soft plastic. It is height adjustable .

Torpedo from a solid soft-touch plastic . All clearances on maps doors and dashboard are small and uniform . Adjustment knob on the steering column and torpedo rotate easy and informative .

In this configuration , as in the base ( with the “mechanics” ) have air conditioning, front electric windows , central locking . On the instrument panel has a screen on-board computer , it played an instantaneous fuel consumption of the vehicle. Inside the glove box is big but no backlight . On-site radio – plug , but radiopreparation and 4 speakers installed. No inner case for glasses and navigator canopy above the rearview mirror . This option is available in the more expensive configuration Comfort ( 134,250 USD).

I sit in the back seat . There are larger than Chevrolet Aveo New. Especially a lot of places out there in the middle seat , because the usual longitudinal tunnel no . However, high ( rising 190 cm and above) passengers have enough space for the head through a sloping roof structure . Folding rear seat folds entirely, instead of parts. It is not very convenient when you need to carry both passengers and some 2-3 long cargo . In picking Comfort ( 134,250 USD) back decomposed separately .

Roomy trunk of the car – 454 liters. However, less than competitors KIA RIO , Chevrolet Aveo New, Citroen C -Elysee. Under the bottom of the trunk spare tire traditionally been located . It is full size .


On the territory of the new passenger car dealership leaves Gulak Alexander , director of the salon “Edem Auto”. Car headlights included.

” In places Accent lights are automatically turned on and engine starting . Could not deactivate . Machines do in Russia . According to their rules of the road , there should all ride with dipped beam even in the daytime ? ? ” – Explains Alexander . He gets out and takes me to the driver’s seat.

Adapts to yourself seat, steering wheel and mirrors . Then I deliver the car , the engine barely audible . Incidentally, it is normal in this configuration , in the version of Comfort ( 134,250 USD) he skladyvetsya .

I squeeze the brakes. Translate lever to ” ride ” and send . The gas pedal is not very sensitive , the transfer switch smoothly without delays and jerks. Gas on the highway push until it stops. Up to 60 km / h the car accelerates in 4.5 seconds. And howl at high revs the engine or excessive noise is not audible. The trip computer displays instantaneous fuel consumption – 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers .

Factory insulation car good. Overview despite high ” feed ” normal – can be seen behind all traffic participants. Front side plates also do not interfere with the review .

Patches and potholes on asphalt gently shake the car . Suspension is softer than the Kia Rio. Strongly shake the brakes – Hyundai stops without skidding. Again the food, but I press the gas lightly, barely touching , on-board computer shows fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers ( 60 km / h) . Car accelerates to 80 km / h and turns sharply to the left – the car tilted slightly , but it has not lost controllability . Turning Radius her less than Kia Rio. I put the car on the handbrake , lights automatically turn off.


1.4-liter car accelerates quickly ;

good quality plastic insulation and salon;

modern design ;

Comfort in picking janitors have electric heating and seats .


Back back in the base completely rejected ;

No version with cruise control ;

system ESC (EBD + TCS + BAS) is set only in the most expensive configuration for 159,500 USD.

Rent Hyundai Accent in Baku


Mercedes-Benz E240

To conduct a test drive Mercedes-Benz E-Class of the last generation , we chose all-wheel drive with an engine instance of 2.6 liters and output of 177 hp . s. Rent Mercedes-Benz E240 in Baku

Classics of the genre

The design of the car is dominated by the classical forms . The absence of sharp corners and edges gives Mercedes elegance and visual lightness .

Four front car shine ” glazikami ” which blend harmoniously with the curved hood , complete with three-star . Chrome grille complemented by chrome strip on the bumper.

In profile, the Mercedes-Benz E240 4Matic fit and looks very sleek . Its 5 -spoke wheels give the classic look of the car some lightness and charm.

Rear car looks conservative and no-frills . Lights are located on the edges and ” cut ” clearly on the trunk lid , which is mounted in the middle brake light .


Inside the E-class man embracing , or simply overwhelmed with the feeling of satisfaction and tranquility. I feel like saying : ” Life is good! .. ” The driver’s seat is designed perfectly and allows you to comfortably accommodate any person height and build . The front seats are comfortable and have a wide range of adjustments . Multifunctional steering wheel has a rim diameter ideally matched and designed for a relaxing and careful driving .

Dashboard looks luxurious and modern …

road Test

The day of the test drive proved cloudy , drizzling rain . Where better than in the wet and slippery road test the effectiveness of the four leading wheels? This is the main purpose of testing on the road all-wheel drive Mercedes.

Mercedes accelerated confidently and quickly. Automatic transfer switch with a minimum of delay and almost unnoticed by passengers.

In sharp maneuvering the car careened much , but thanks to a comfortable suspension in the car rolls barely felt . It should be noted that the test E240 4Matic is equipped with standard suspension and surcharge for Mercedes set the air suspension with adjustable clearance .

“Snake” we were enabled ESP at speeds of 20-25 km / h , with the car and did not show the slightest hint of a skid. With the system off ESP « snake” could pass a little faster , because electronics are not to redistribute the driving force and not ” choking ” the engine , and hence not to slow down . On the one hand it is a plus , but on the other – all the responsibility for traffic safety electronics shifted from the shoulders of the driver. The difference in drivability with ESP on or off on a slippery road almost not felt . And in fact, and in another case, the machine’s behavior was predictable. But do not overestimate their driving skills and without the need ( when driving through deep snow , gravel , etc.) do not disable ESP.

To manipulate the wheel ” Eshka ” responded quickly, but not sporty acutely , it did everything neatly and carefully …

Rent Mercedes-Benz E240 in Baku


Kia Cerato

Over recent years the brand KIA learned to present themselves . With the advent of Cerato 2013 only strengthened the position of Koreans : the style and appeal combined with affordability and innovation. Rent KIA Cerato in Baku. But what about the quality and driving characteristics ?

Design, above all

During the presentation of the new KIA Cerato, the Korean company employees repeatedly drawn the attention of journalists that the key success factor is the design of their products . And it’s true : few modern motorists remembered models such as Shuma or Sephia. And hardly anyone can remember how it looked first generation Cerato.

With the advent of the company Peter Schreier for the post of chief designer KIA model were notable road users. Former artistic director Vokswagen ( recently became president of KIA ) ​​has managed to attract the attention of Korean cars and made the world community to look at them differently : Modest KIA dressed in very stylish suit .

In the exterior of the new Cerato traced traits flagship business sedan Optima. Give solidity and LED running lights. In general, the silhouette of the car tried to make look like a coupe, but in a way that it remains a family sedan . The new machine is 3 cm longer than its predecessor , and half an inch below. Engineers have managed to significantly reduce the drag coefficient (0.27 vs. 0.29 predecessor ) that primarily affects the very good fuel economy. A elongated body allowed to regain space for passengers and increase the trunk.

The interior now reigns soft plastic and leather materials available finishes. Everything else, now you can do a two-tone interior . For example, combine beige tones with black and so on.

The pilot will be pleased

The driver in the new Cerato worked out very carefully . Since the test, of course, have been provided the maximum configuration of vehicles , the greatest king in the cabin Cherat – this driver . His seat has electric adjustment of height , backrest angle , closer to the steering wheel and even lumbar support . Also in the arsenal has two memory slots provisions settings – if the car will be shared between the two drivers . The steering wheel is also adjustable – height and reach, but manually.

The center console , which carries the audio system and climate control , slightly angled towards the driver . This solution is quite easy , but the leading manufacturers have long been forgotten. Main position here occupies a 4.7- inch touchscreen display , which helped “unload” the console and leave it on only the most essential buttons . Separately , for the driver , between the main instruments on the panel put -board computer display . It shows the most important information : the current state of the machine , fuel range , fuel consumption and so on.

Pilot sits on a fairly comfortable seats with improved lateral support . What is interesting , for it offers more than just heating and air cooling with a real possibility of both heating and cooling. Passenger right to be content with traditional heating. However, he has as many as three levels of heating mode .

Most importantly – the ability to adapt

New Cerato – machine capable to surprise even the most demanding customers . Of course, most importantly the top versions . First, dual-zone climate control – in cars of this class will meet him often. Very handy feature , because it allows you to select a comfortable temperature of separate driver and passenger separately .

Do not forget the developers and those who ride on the back of the couch . For them – a separate section airflow deflectors . There is supplied with the air temperature that is exposed to the driver. However , this is not the main surprise . Paying Cherat can be equipped with heated rear (!) Seats. Such an option until none of the competitors do not offer .

Second, communication trends . Given the fact that KIA – that brand , which not least is aimed at a younger audience , it is important to note that Cherat provided USB, AUX, Bluetooth, CD, mp3 … connect / listen can be almost anything .

Third – knacks . Third Cherat equipped with options borrowed from models of ” high school .” For example, a heated steering wheel and adjustable electrical power . In the latter case, the driver can select one of three modes Power steering . They differ in ease of rotation wheel. That is, the wheel can be quite “air” or “average” , or in sports , ” dense” .

On the main

Evaluate the car while it stands, can be any number . But above all, this vehicle , so the main thing.

Cherat received two new powerplants : petrol engines of 1.6 liters ( 130 hp ) and 2.0 liters ( 159 hp) , which are paired with six -speed “automatic” or “mechanics”. We managed to test only a 1.6- liter engine , but with different boxes.

6 range of the automatic transmission in behaving very friendly . Start moving very smoothly as possible , and quite briskly . But already in motion mission takes a very independent position . That is, get used to the driver , it will not. Switching gears sometimes happens unexpectedly it too early, too late . While waiting for outstanding performance from Cherat with “automatic” not worth it – the car is designed for a smooth ride . This means that if you press the ” gas to the floor ,” that is selected is the lowest transmission available will be a roaring motor car go faster but only slightly. That is, 130 “horses” you feel .

Mechanic leaves no cause for complaints. Along with a clear swing arm having a small course , this mission to make decisions about ” how to live ” the driver leaves . Here already manifested glib nature of the machine . Motor has great traction range (from 1500 to 4500 rev / min) , so this car will be able to comfortably manage for themselves , even drivers with very different driving style .

With prolonged driving at speeds of 120-130 km / h difference between types of transmissions erased. Second transmission keeps the engine speed within 3 000 r / min. A fuel consumption , even when overtaking, acceleration and deceleration , will not rise above the level of 7 l/100 km . Very good.

As for handling , KIA Cerato not always provide full confidence . When maneuvering in the city or on the parking lot – no questions. Good visibility and the minimum number of “dead zones” deprived driver claustrophobia. But here on the track things a little differently. Some even give smooth bends valkost suspension. Car lurches uncontrollably and lateral overload occurs , from which I would like to lose and so low speed . Things that are ” bad lie ” – definitely will fly through the cabin or trunk . So on this machine should avoid sports gusts . Better to wait for the coupe , which will be a month and a half after the start of sales of the sedan .

Good – available?

Trains on the new Cerato, we came to the conclusion that the good may be available. Yes, he does not possess the refined handling, but this machine is useless. Important for a potential buyer that the new comfortable enough with a quiet ride through the city and beyond ( at speeds up to 120 km / h ) . The lounge can comfortably accommodate people of different complexion . Trunk is large and roomy . Multimedia present. What else do you want? To know the price , at least. As we whispered in your ear competent persons , basic version Cerato will cost less than $ 20,000 . In the list of equipment can be detected and full power heated seats. It remains to wait for the official announcement of the debut and the prices that the representative of the brand in Ukraine promises to call in the first half of February 2013.

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Kia Sportage

Throughout human evolution people struggling to create the perfect weapon. While this clearly succeeded only one man – Mikhail Kalashnikov . KIA, with its new crossover Sportage, has tried to create the perfect weapon in the automobile market . Albeit in different ways, but new Korean SUV gained a competitive advantage over their ” class enemies .” Rent Kia Sportage in Baku. Will it be enough to win?

Family urban crossover – one of the youngest and most innovative in the automotive world . In Russia, the SUV has captured nearly a quarter of the market and it looks like not going to stop there. Intense competition in the class generates capture more and more new areas , especially in the average C- segment , which accounts for almost half of all global sales SUV – 3,8 million cars a year ! Nissan Qashqai, VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Hyundai ix35, KIA Sportage – that no name, bestseller . And every update in this series – akin to breathing in second marathon – the model is able to afford to get ahead or at least keep up with the others.

This year, the main blow at the bridgehead C-SUV came from the Korean side . In the spring of my change in the face of Tucson ix35 introduced Hyundai. In autumn it is time to market for new KIA Sportage – built on the same platform , but with far greater ambitions and bright appearance . To appreciate how perfect would be a new weapon in the fight against KIA competitors , we went to the Caucasus , where, under the new Sportage premiere test correlated with the possibilities of his ambitions . The boring rectangular shapes of the previous generation Sportage is not a trace is left . The new face of the Korean crossover steeped aggression. KIA Sportage brutal beauty beckons , attracts the eye. Though the creation of a European car – Peter Schreyer , in his sporty appearance clearly traced Japanese features : grille as a characteristic for the latest model line KIA « tiger ‘s mouth ,” elegant dark frame grille , the original bending bumper , LED track in the headlights … Pleasantly pleased and commonality with conceptual KIA KUE, Koreans presented three years ago in Detroit. In recent years, the distance between concepts and serial samples is becoming less and aesthetic point of view, the automobile market of only wins.

To match the exterior and inner world of the new Sportage: streamlined dashboard, horizontally oriented in the latest fashion center console , sports triplex LED dashboard … The only thing that causes some nedoume -tion , – console -conditioning system , the varnished surface which visually strongly resonates on a background matte plastic salon. Compared with the previous generation , the Korean SUV stretched by 90 mm in length and 15 mm in width , but became more squat total height decreased time to 60 mm . Redistribution of space as a whole went Sportage advantage: despite the lower growth capacity of the luggage compartment even increased by 2 liters – 740 liters. 13-18 mm increased legroom front and rear passengers . The only thing , of course, had to give up – the height of the cabin.

Several passed Sportage and variability of its European range . With the market disappeared monoprivodnom diesel versions and the top version with a 2.7- liter gasoline engine . But in addition to the 5 – speed manual gearbox , a new 6-speed “mechanics” . Retreat is deliberate and quite understandable : because of the crisis the demand for powerful motors and expensive ACT fell by 30-50%. So that more powerful versions KIA Sportage, unlike its sibling Hyundai ix35, in Russia we do not yet see. KIA is not going to needlessly plow extra hectares car market , aiming to collect the maximum yield with already cultivated plots . And in terms of optimization , this approach is very productive.

The bottom line in Sportage two 2-liter engine : gasoline 2.0L I4 Theta II with variable valve timing of the intake and exhaust valves 150 hp . s. and 136 -horsepower diesel R2.0. He and other enough to fit perfectly into the urban concept proekonomichnuyu Sportage, but hit the dynamics are unlikely to . Petrol Sportage every overtaking on the highway is given with a visible effort . Version with a gun from 80 to 100 km / h zone generally falls into the “dead calm “, and even transfer to manual mode 6 – speed automatic transmission does not help the situation much . 136 -hp two-liter diesel is also not a sprinter . But – thanks to the high torque – much more stable and predictable. In combination with all-wheel drive with the ability to Dynamax positive locking “diesel” looks much more attractive .

But what really pleased Sportage , it’s suspension settings : McPherson strut with coil springs Barrel off-axis load front and rear mnogoryichazhka . Balance Koreans found an almost perfect : on the roads and no punches , and rolls on the highway , even in heavy diesel is practically not observed . Only at critical lateral accelerations – in fast perestavki at speeds over 70 km / h exhibits a distinct transverse vibrations . Optimum suspension, extended wheelbase , an updated Stability and sharp steering feedback overload intuitively prompts the driver to the correct direction of rotation of the steering wheel , became the key to a highly stable and predictable behavior Sportage on the pavement . Until Aryan definition management Korean VW Tiguan SUV, of course , does not hold , but its Asian competitors – Nissan Qashqai and ” stepbrother » Hyundai ix35 chance to replay itself in handling virtually no reserves . As well as the price ! Only Nissan Qashqai yes Suzuki Grand Vitara in the price come on the heels Sportage . Ford Kuga, Toyota RAV4 and VW Tiguan chasm separates from KIA in 6-11 %.

“Cold Coupling ”

Dynamax AWD system from Magna acquired the function of monitoring road conditions : based on data controllers with intelligent control unit not only react to the current situation , but also predicts the modes of transmission, significantly reducing response time and increasing the efficiency of electro-hydraulic clutch responsible for the redistribution of torque . The design of the coupling itself has also been optimized . By increasing from 200 to 500 ml liquid volume of the coupling efficiency is considerably increased cooling. No matter how trying some of our colleagues during testing Caucasian force coupling Sportage « sweat ” , AWD Dynamax stoically endured the most brutal torture faced by most of the competitors would not hold for 20 seconds.

Love – not love

Sportage got and engine start button . modern

Tiny glove box can hold except that a pair of gloves or a few cans of drinks. decently

When you turn on turn signal lights illuminate additional lighting lateral hemispheres . interestingly


Thick steering wheel, wide base , premium suspension settings determine acute and predictable handling Sportage.


Except for a few small items and quality plastic, raises no objections.


Small bumps on the rear passengers suspension may seem too tough.


6 of airbag , active head restraints , 5 stars by NHTSA.


On average, lower than that of its main competitors , by 1-12 %.

Pros & Cons

+ : Excellent sound insulation , modern design , progressive -wheel drive system , cancel the suspension.

– Not in the line of more powerful engines , the average quality plastic.

our opinion

In terms of design much more attractive KIA Sportage VW Tiguan and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. From the point of view of controllability give odds and Nissan Qashqai, and Hyundai ix35. KIA Sportage while still cheaper than all competitors without exception . But to a new weapon KIA was really ideal , it would be nice to add a little powder in the form of more powerful motor .

Rent Kia Sportage in Baku


Hyundai ix35

Obviously considerable cost for the buyer offered a compact SUV , which has an attractive appearance , modern and comfortable interior PICKUP 2.0-liter 149 -horsepower engine . Rent Hyundai ix35 in Baku

Is perfect Hyundai ix35, as it is painted ?

I’m not a conservative, but my distrust of Korean-made vehicles still high. And this feeling stirs pricing policy that assigns Korean models on a par with German and Japanese competitors, which , in my opinion , immodest. Estimating the Hyundai ix35 I went with optimism as to criticize – do not praise : you will always find , what to cling , especially when compared with analogues produced leaders of the automotive industry.

Confess exterior of the car , his line contours, decorative trim elements I relished so that the desire to look at her ” muse of designer ” got sick. Let the model is similar to some other , but because of her level of performance it can be forgiven . Even bizarre forms grille, forming either a smile , or pout , do not spoil the charm of the model, giving a certain mystique davinchevskuyu appearance .

Car attracts balanced forms and elegance , which , incidentally, is ” stealing ” his part solidity , visually reducing dimensions . But Hyundai ix35 is not such a baby as it may seem at first glance. During the test he had to take out of town five adults with their ” set of critical infrastructure” , occupying the entire volume of the luggage compartment. And the lack of space no one complained . Upon arriving to the goal of our journey , I unloaded the contents of the trunk on the grass beside the car , it was hard to believe that this mountain of things just was in seemed to have a slight space between the rear seat and tailgate .

Destroyer stamps

Let me remind you that the search for a ‘positive’ in the model ix35 I started with an honest and strong stone of optimism in his bosom . Unfortunately nelyubiteley Korean car , my negative attitude became quickly change its polarity . That this crossover doors must be closed , giving them a little more speed than we would like, but do not cover , like the fridge , we did not get upset and do not be surprised, but the materials used in the manufacture of seat upholstery , dashboard and door panels were whit no worse than the more famous brands analogues .

Interface control audio and climate systems understandable and you may say , friendly, even though that is not Russified . Disappointing only the central display , which displays information from on-board systems , maps and navigation system image with a rear view camera , though at dusk fills salon bewitching cold blue glow , but instantly lose the magic when struck by sunlight. Screen ” blind “, and does not help him a little shelter from the sun visor, in this case, playing the role of an extra.

But the dashboard – almost a masterpiece. Clear , all appliances in place and clearly visible under all lighting conditions . And in the dark , as usual , devices become more beautiful : milky white lights pleases the eye .

I note that the navigation system , though not “writes” in Russian , but Moscow knows and regularly brings to the goals.


Exterior and interior , of course , the position of the last when choosing a car , but when I tried to go ix35 residues critical attitude turned to dust . Korean SUV ended up with incendiary temperament. Unaware load Hyundairezvo starts and accelerates to the moment 60 km / h Only after that it continues to gain speed with little loss of dynamics. Despite the fact that “hundreds” version with automatic transmission submits for not impressive 11.3 with the car does not look like an outsider on the track. Rather, the contrary . Thanks to its excellent stability on the highway he easily leaves behind a string of ” weaving ” with a cruising speed of 110-120 km / h machines , allowing the driver without its share of discomfort disperse themselves by 30-40 km / h faster flow. Noise isolation from ix35 so effective , and that passengers can not guess about the breakneck speed at which the car rushes . Rubber flip flops on the cracked asphalt , howling engine at high speeds , the noise from cars crashing on the facade of the wind and insects almost inaudible . Only the steady hum of the outside world whispers in the distance of the insignificance of the distance from the height of the infinity of time and quality standard audio sound mellifluous .

Suddenly something strange starts to happen on the road ahead : cars rushing around peretormazhivat , trying to dodge the collision , stopping the road and oncoming lane . And we are at a high speed … Meditate once , and I hit the brakes with thoughts about the inevitable . However ix35 firmly cling to the asphalt , frightening bursting anti-lock brakes , seat belt tightens confidently on his chest, and we stop even before I could imagine myself in the best of hands, . ” Five of you , Hyundai, for brakes ,” – I said out loud, in anticipation of late funk and cold sweats .

In our case, the test car was a city of about 17 thousand km and , given that , of course, every journalist opened in ix35 source of adrenaline , it was surprisingly good condition , no scratches and suspension noise in the cabin. Accuracy control car did not lose even acquired a wealth of experience of “dialogue” with domestic and off-road .


Hyundai ix35 called ideal and the undisputed choice for the asking price for it I dared . Brand – maker has not earned such a reputation to declare the price at the German and Japanese eats petrol cars is much larger than stated ( more than 11 liters per “hundred” on the track against the stated 6.8 liters ), air conditioning does not work very efficiently , but on the whole ix35 leaves an impression strong , confident on the road car. He drew attention bright and stylish appearance, perfect climbs curbs and light off-road, has set off amenities, including four-wheel drive , the help system during the descent from the mountains and the differential lock function . Although the clearance of 17 cm ix35 can go so hard on the belly , he just let the rope winch help .

Trim Hyundai ix35 can give odds to almost any competitor. Lacking only elektroregulirovok position driver’s seat .

In terms of price / quantity options Korean car proudly pulls his chin to the sky on the background neighbors by price range , but the weight of ticks in the ” for ” buy car leaves no confidence in the correctness of the choice in his favor. Why ? Painful stiff competition in this segment. Here there poavtoritetnee brand , model and bigger, brighter and design … But the choice is always yours.

Rent Hyundai ix35 in Baku


Mitsubishi Pajero

Today, among the iconic cars has all the chances to join the fourth generation Pajero – as an exception to the rule. It’s a different machine in the class of very serious off-road , which is produced in the world is not so much .

Mitsubishi Pajero. ” Move over, Bulldog ! ”

Not too many cars there are in the world that can be called a cult . Their number is easily counted on fingers. At first in this list are Volga GAZ- 21 , Cadillac and, of course , whitelist mitsubisevskie two models – Lancer Evolution and Pajero ( aka – Montero – in Spanish-speaking countries and Shogun in the UK) .

Rent Mitsubishi Pajero in Baku

Nor Rolls-Royce, or Maybach, no Ferrari, and certainly no Mercedes or BMW never in this iconic class to not fall. All of them – only branding brands embody very different values ​​- this is a sign of wealth , prestige and position in society, unlike the latter , they are famous in very different qualities.

Today, among the iconic cars has all the chances to join the fourth generation Pajero – as an exception to the rule. This car is not some kind of facelift or restyled previous generation – is a completely different car in the class of very serious off-road , which is produced in the world is not so much . That is a real fighter in full off-road arsenal . I know that there are many people that this thesis will be repeatedly refute and say that there are cars on the cross and abruptly.

Superficially 4th Pajero returned to the point from which began the evolution of the model – a ” box-like ” 1st and 2nd generation (models 1982 and 1991, ) . If you remember, the third Pajero, which appeared in 1999, disappointed fans because apparently inflated model species. Then , if you remember, it immediately nicknamed ” Bulldog “. But , nevertheless , almost no falling of sale , despite deficiencies and interior mounts the third model. The main thing missing in the “three rubles ” – a sense of prestige. And note – breaking the 3 – year mark was not brought from America. Even podeshevke ugly machine was useless.

Let us estimate the 4th Pajero, debuted in October 2006 at an exhibition in Paris. The car has long been attracted to the public and practically replaced them with ” Bulldogs “.

solid dork

A quick glance at the car you realize that it should be exclusively black ( inside the car were other colors, but , believe me, they look very different ) . Feature 2nd Pajero was that it was painted in two colors, usually , it seemed a return to the explanation of the last century and the most pleasing . 4th Pajero – again plain , classic example of a full-size SUV in the spirit Galendewagen’a, Land Rover Discovery and the Nissan Pathfinder. Eye is drawn to external changes .

Vertical mirrors are replaced by horizontal, in turn signals are added . Fixing ” chute ” has remained the same ( at the rear tailgate ) , but now it has moved from its right side to the center , providing more symmetrical viewing angle. Changed the algorithm of the rear wiper and rear turn signals . If European versions taillights left and right are purely decorative function , and emergency lights were located in narrow niches on the bumper , but now it looks more logical . Rear brake light not only on top of the rear window , but the bottom of the hard mount reserve.

Ending with a description of the exterior , we note that the 4th has become more calm, serious on the one hand and more aggressively intimidating the other (which is most pronounced in black ) . Galvanized car body , aluminum hood . Win galvanically treated parts compared with the third version has almost doubled and now amounts to 76-78 % of total body parts . So slush and mud new Pajero now no hindrance. Moreover, that the 17-inch wheels were replaced by 18-inch and the machine is clearly added solidity.

Far racer

Admiring looks machine, hit the road . The weather on the street as to order, just for testing this SUV , rain , puddles, mud and all the other amenities of the Moscow weather. In contrast to many analogues , which manages all transmission control electronics, in the Pajero driver freer and himself can choose the desired torque distribution modes . Which, of course , of course, increases the demands on the driver and his skills . If you are in the most extreme situation ( in impassable mud , for example), by pressing R / D , you can lock the rear differential . However, despite nabezumnuyu dirt, before it did not come , and in the mode of transmission 4Lo I translated only once – when cornering on slippery roads led car .

Transmission of the new Super Select 4WD jeep got Advanced prefix for consistency with the complex system of active safety M -ATS ( Dynamic Stability Control , traction and help down the mountain ) . This is one of the most advanced transmissions used today on modern cars .

4th Pajero with its 3.8 – liter engine with 250 hp (formerly top-end was only a 3.5-liter engine) borrowed from American Galant and Eclipse can not boast some wonders in terms of overclocking – just 10.8 seconds to 100 km / h . This is significantly lower than many competitors. But the jeep – the machine is not for racing, thrill ride have the opportunity to choose a more sporty option. And if you like to ride in a fairly relaxed manner , then , first of all, enjoy the smooth progress , and secondly – save fuel. Even when driving on city traffic jams I reached target of 15.9 liters per 100 km, which is lower than stated in the passport data. The truth is that you can get on the road figure of 11.2 liters per ” hundred ” in it , to be honest , little hard to believe .

Without the drawbacks not done

Having traveled a couple of days , noticed some flaws. Review from the driver’s seat just perfect , no glare on the windshield from the dashboard . But it is strange that , sitting comfortably in a chair and could not get used to the steering wheel – the column is adjustable for reach, leaving it only to change the angle of inclination . Another negative – despite the large size of the side mirrors , the right ( but customizable ) forms a blind spot , and if you do not see evolutions small cars , overtaking you from the side of the road . Do not like the narrow rapids – fully come they can not , but , if our mud and slush out of the car is not soiled , you can not . Wipe thresholds pants, packs obscene . There is one drawback – the rear door is opened up and sideways, and in strong winds or when parking on uneven surfaces dampers do not hold it in the open position. Constantly strives to close the door .

What is the atmospheric pressure in the street ?

To the test “Rolf” gave us the car in the most expensive configuration , there was even a DVD-player with 9 -inch screen in the center of the cabin. Headphones and remote control – attached ( as, indeed, and batteries ) – there is a place for them in the glove compartment of the front armrest. So back for five passengers ( jeep , among other things , the seven-seat ) will do in a long journey . In the future, the emergence of additional options : 7 – inch LCD display on the center console and the rear view camera with parking optimal trajectory . In the meantime, the display takes place quality audio Rockford Fosgate Acoustic with 12 speakers and a power of 850 watts of sound ( similar to the model and worth Outlander, though there is a total of 9 speakers ) . Useful stuff , especially for those who like to ride , not only with the wind, but also enjoying the exquisite sound of music.

But the most impressive narrow -board computer display at the top of the center panel . What he does not show – besides the most familiar features (current consumption , average , gasoline residue before refueling , ambient temperature , etc.) he is ready to show you the height above sea level at the location of the car, and even atmospheric pressure .

And ” bortovik ” Marshall is in the form of mysterious futuristic graphics, and within a day you can clearly see what changes have occurred within your location behind the wheel. However, there is one “but” – we used to learn from projections pressure in mm Hg , and the values ​​are displayed here in the familiar for many countries hectopascals (hPa). Considered normal pressure of 1013 hPa, which corresponds to the domestic 750 mm / Hg column. I rode in the range of 994 to 1008 hPa, ie clearly at lower values ​​.

“Mechanics” only for diesel

Ride , enjoy , have seen once again that expensive and impressive in size jeeps , especially black, in Russia we opened the road everywhere ( in the sense that all of them are inferior ) . Rejoiced at the disconnected audio silence (noise insulation on top) and were glad and envy those who are able to give 60,000 ” green ” for this miracle of technology . By the way, according to marketers Mitsubishi about 70 percent of motorists who own previous versions ” Pajero” is considered a new generation model , as their next purchase . As an option is “mechanics” – only for cars with diesel engine of 3.2 liters DHD new generation capacity of 165 hp This car is perfect for fans of uncompromising off-road adventures . Available now a Pajero . However, recently appeared and 3 – door version , which costs almost 200,000 rubles cheaper than the 5-door .

Rent Mitsubishi Pajero in Baku


Hyundai Santafe

Recently, we asked readers to test what cars they would like to see more . In the top three with a margin was the third generation Hyundai Santa Fe, represented by the spring in New York. This is not surprising , because for 12 years of presence in our market model of Santa Fe , has received a lot of fans and has proved relatively reliable , comfortable and economical , thanks to the diesel engine . In combination with a competitive price , these factors raised in the second generation of best sellers in its class. So we were happy to be among the first in the world to test this model and went for it in Kazakhstan . It was there, in Almaty , the Korean company decided to carry out a large-scale test-drive for journalists from CIS . In the order of the group were 35 cars on which we had to overcome 350 kilometers and visited in the mountains and on the sandy plains , having flown on the route through the desert , and finally bathe in water and cars try not to get stuck in the sand on the beach. But first things first . Rent Hyundai Santafe in Baku

Some facts

So we are dealing with a third-generation full-size crossover Hyundai Santa Fe, the first generation of which was presented in 1999 in Detroit. For 12 years all over the world have sold 2.5 million vehicles . Like the previous generation , the new Santafe built on a modified platform of Hyundai Sonata. Now the crossover will be available with standard and extended databases with a difference of 10 cm As before a car can be a 5 or 7 seater . While in Ukraine is planned to deliver a short wheelbase version (as before 2700 mm) and two rows of seats , which Koreans call Sport. The car became a bit longer and lower predecessor, lost about 200 kg weight and a couple of inches of clearance . In June this year discontinued production of the second generation and the world goes remnant sale .

The first-generation Santa Fe appeared in the 1999th year , the second – in 2006 omPervoe generation Santa Fe appeared in the 1999th year , the second – in the 2006th

Not surprisingly, the new version of the buyers will be a lot of previous owners were happy with the quality and features of the model. So a few days before departure, we once again swept in Kiev on a crossover of the second generation , to refresh the experience and make it more objective comparison .

Appearance . flowing lines

Before the first teaser models , external image of Santa Fe can be easily predicted. After all, only he still has not been exposed designer Peter Schreyer modernization under the new recognizable style Hyundai – concept Fluidic Sculpture ( Flowing Lines ) . As a result, the car is much ” younger “, which should therefore little to rejuvenate and his audience . And if the front crossover looks quite solid and original , the food seemed to us less expressive . In this case, similar to a younger model IX35 hardly plays into the hands of the image of a large crossover. The profile is noteworthy bottom line windows, which smoothly goes on top of the rear door. This decision gave a graceful appearance , inside a tall passengers in the back row , probably will feel more comfortable and protected , but the children will clearly be difficult to look out the window . Attributes of modernity – LED lights adorn all configuration model , but the xenon and diodes in the rear lights – the inheritance of only the most top-end version. In the maximum configuration the car was already 19th wheels ( in other versions can stand 17th or 18th ) .

Interior . Ticket to the luxury class .

Previously it was known that the new “Santa” should be another step towards the class ” suite “, which is so eager recent years the Korean company . So it was very interesting , how much more will this step in the interior. All 35 cars were on test in the top for a complete set of Kazakhstan ( the Ukrainians will be more lucky – our ” top ” will be even steeper ) . Cognac-colored perforated leather – a tribute to modern fashion. This is the first that loudly announces the new class and the new price of the car when you open the door . In Ukraine , by the way , this option was called Premium- skin and will only sell top of the range and only in combination with certain exterior colors . Metal nameplates on the door armrests with model very similar to an exclusive version of the German car showrooms . On the dashboard and door cards noteworthy combination of several textures of black plastic, which is surprisingly soft and very pleasant to the touch – just what was lacking ” oak ” lounge previous version. From cheap -looking panels ” under the tree” now abandoned in favor of more modern ” carbon under the varnish ,” which, as we thought , stylistically fits here . Black gloss and silver , wear which usually is not credible , there are few . Overall positive impression many may only spoil the design of the center console. Large buttons , flat shape, color and surface of the plastic, blue backlight , climate control ( as without her Hyundai?) – All a little contrast to the general concept . And the rest – quite frankly, very, very unexpected style for Hyundai – not only beautiful, but also practical and modern . Ah, here would have a black headliner !

Also significantly affects the global impression of the cabin panoramic roof, which along with the white body color also complements good appearance. Admire the stars or raindrops will all passengers . The front half of the glass roof is a sliding sunroof , which opened at the front edge of the opening swings open a small mesh visor – even with fully open hatch we did not feel uncomfortable sitting behind. Well, if you wish , of course , the window in the sky can be tightly closed with electric shutter .

So , sit behind the wheel . Chair is comfortable enough , lumbar support adjustment in 4 directions . Little short range seat height adjustment and tilt. But the head restraint is adjustable horizontally and more . Overhead, even with the presence of a panoramic moonroof, enough space and height 193 cm and cheers , – the steering wheel is now adjustable for reach, and stroke length column decent enough . Knee comfortably leaned on the bar on the central tunnel . Armrest wide enough for the driver and passenger , but , unfortunately, does not move forward. Most controls are within reach .

As the flagship Equus, the new Santa Fe taught to meet the driver and say goodbye to him a couple of unobtrusive electronic synthesizer chords and chair gallantly pulls back and returns to the previous position for ease of boarding and alighting . We did not expect to meet here and two memory buttons the driver’s seat .

The steering wheel is large enough and not too thick – on the fan , but you get used to it without any problems . Here rendered buttons and levers to control audio, several unusual key -board computer , cruise control and a curious novelty – Mode button operation of the electric power , which will tell later .

Drew the attention of not one little thing : the designers paid special attention to automatic gear shift lever , his turn is almost soundless and very pleasant – no loud clicks and crackle . Well, not too lazy to care about such subtleties , because it is of little things eventually develops a general perception of the car .

Chip-key , as is customary , there is no need to get out of the pocket – the door opens the button on the handle and the engine start up button. True owners of this new Hyundai models can not be surprised . Rent Hyundai Santafe in Baku

In the central rearview mirror compass appeared that for something valued by Americans. In case it is not needed or hinders , and they even have a button off .

Niche in the arm lost a double bottom, but became much larger, and the main “storage ” had the opportunity to cool and has a decent enough volume .

The cabin expensive versions scattered seven airbags , including – even cushion for driver’s knee .

Bosses go back.

That’s what we did not expect even from top versions family crossover , so this luxury rear, decent luxury sedan . Due to the fact that the body and wheelbase are calculated on the ability to install three rows of seats , in versions with two rows of rear space in abundance – the doorway is wide and very convenient for landing, with legroom to spare. Extensive stands behind the high level windows and net curtains on them create a sense of comfort and security. The seat cushion is optimal for long trips , and the backrest can significantly reject ago – lie down and admire the sky through the hatch . Heated rear seats with our winters difficult to overestimate than incidentally pampers passengers and a top Elantra. Located on the B-pillar vents blowing with the ability to adjust the direction and intensity. Still, as many decided to add a couple of ducts on the central tunnel . Solid look of leather pockets on plastic front seatbacks . Convenient fixed armrest and has retractable cup holders .

More important to note that the rear shock in the third generation in our observations become more elastic , thus able to partially suppress the vertical swinging car on a bad road to go back eventually became comfortable.


Dashboard in Santa Fe in 2012 brand new . Its main feature – the color TFT-LCD with high resolution bortkompyutera in more expensive versions . It should be noted , it turned out great and gives the same devaysa German and Japanese competitors only size. Simultaneous interfaces and animation on it , frankly, amazing. Although functional quite ordinary – nothing new for modern cars .

As we found out , in Ukraine the new ” Santa ” will be available with three types of cerebral multimedia device with a monochrome with color 4.3 -inch and large color display . In the third case , and promised to work with GPS maps of Ukraine and nine speakers and a subwoofer , and even a 12-channel amplifier! Support Bluetooth, USB, AUX and buttons on the steering wheel are available in the database . Kazakhs same heaped multimedia system cheated on their market crossover top version will be completed only 4.3 – inch TFT-LCD , which unexpectedly turned its small size touch . Monitor reacts to heat hands and quite sensitive . With it, you can control the radio, select mp3- tracks from a CD or flash drive , adjust the sound speakers. That is – nothing special , so we believe that his presence here more for the sake of design and image , rather than out of necessity, because it is hard to do all the buttons much easier .

In Ukraine will be delivered Santa Fe with a large screen and GPS- navigatsieyV Ukraine will ship Santa Fe with a large screen and GPS-navigation

Sound audio version of this appeared familiar to the latest models of Hyundai – decent , but the premium it is not audible. It would be interesting to hear more heaped system, but have to wait for the Ukrainian version of the car.


Based on the Kazakh press releases questionable reliability , the amount of luggage could be increased by 60 liters and now it is 585. Compartment on the eye really big , because the place it should remain even after the third row of seats . Quality upholstery and internal space is not inferior to the Germans or the Japanese. Raised floor under strict designers put foam organizer that can be removed if necessary , significantly increasing the amount of space . Also, you can significantly extend the volume by moving forward back sofa , though in this case backs for a dip .

And of course provided and folding backrests themselves at what all three separately. To do this, there is even a special pen directly into the trunk. The truth is folded couch floor compartment even difficult to call. Folded back not form the threshold , but to a horizontal position them away.

Special thanks to the designers want to say for the ergonomic handle closing the trunk. Probably better to do it anymore. Set to pnevmodovodchikov and weight of the door handle allows you to close the trunk easily and smoothly the first time.

Spare wheel, as before, hanging underneath . By the way, drive it alloy of the same radius as the rest .


Recently, almost 90% of sales were Santa Fe models with diesel engines , because the 2.2 -liter turbocharged unit with a capacity of 197 forces proved quite economical and high-torque . We ourselves have seen this in the recent testing of the second generation – the dynamics of good, and the flow around the city average – 9 liters. The new version of the engine has not changed, so the trend in demand is likely to remain the same. But here Kazakh marketers in your market abandoned diesel units citing poor fuel quality . ( Do they have it worse than in Ukraine? ) . As a result of the 35 cars on the test, all 35 were … with petrol engines 2.4 , which also has not changed since the last generation. On the one hand we are very upset inability to check in the new model is the fact the engine with which it will be sold in Ukraine. On the other – no gearbox or motor characteristics have not changed , so you can be sure that fuel and diesel traction in the worst case have remained the same , taking into account the weight loss of the car by 200 kg.

If we talk about the petrol unit , the 175 – hp five him as before but enough for normal driving , smooth overtaking on the track and field trips ” suburban roads .” Excess capacity for the pleasure of the dynamics here and does not smell. But the appetite, as it seemed to us , was reduced. During the test, no break in Santa Fe with three people in the cabin moving on the highway at a speed of 90-110 km / h overtaking remodeled and consumed an average of about 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers . In a city with toffees and traffic lights , this figure rose to only 12 liters , although we were expecting more. It should be noted that the car appeared button EcoDrive, but little effect on her depression, besides activating the dashboard indicator Eco, we have not noticed. Failed to get the details and Kazakhstan ” consultants .”

If you look under the hood it becomes clear how this was achieved silence of the engine – the engine compartment wall completely and neatly trimmed very dense layer of soundproofing. As a result, up to 4 thousand revolutions of the engine in the cabin is not heard. At the peak of the same torque (about 4.5 thousand revolutions ) in the interior still breaks sound of the engine , but it is still relatively subdued , and as for us , very pleasant . It would be interesting to hear the growl of the new unit and V6 of 3.3 liters and 270 hp , which will also be installed on this vehicle . Until he promises to disperse hundreds of crossover for 8.8 seconds. True appropriateness and timing of such a release in Ukraine is not yet clear .


The car will run with the same transmissions as before – 6 speed manual and automatic , which was established in 2010 with the second-generation machine. Both versions will fall and Ukraine . What is interesting , the mechanics can now be selected with either engine and drive type , but were only on test version with a gun . In his work, we noted almost imperceptible switching and good speed response to pressing the gas dropping gears. Sportrezhim as it does not exist , but to move to a manual control box with the lever left . Mechanic also according tehdannym would save about 1st liters per 100 kilometers , but the dynamics should not affect too much .

steering wheel

One of the shortcomings of the previous model was mediocre setting up the power steering feedback is virtually non-existent , and the ease and low resistance in the ” zero ” does not give the driver relax on speed. Apparently, the Koreans have considered this point and the new model equipped with electric power function of changing stiffness. Button on the steering wheel and you can choose one of three modes : Comfort, Normal or Sport.

Deystitelno , in the ” hard ” mode, Sport steering resistance increased compared to the old Santa Fe, but it is noticeable only at considerable angles of rotation of the steering wheel. Feeling as zero still mediocre , and most resistance rate is still lacking . In the end, of course there is an improvement , but to the desired level yet does not hold . In this case, we do not understand the purpose of “soft” modes of Comfort and Normal. We believe that in practice mode amplifier – it’s just a marketing ploy and excess appreciation of the vehicle.


Again back to the previous version of the model . Suspension settings there is radically different from other models Hyundai, especially in dorestaylingovyh version where dampers were more energy and reliable . The car felt good on our roads , driving is quiet enough and good working out well. At the same time he lacked rigidity except on the track.

Fundamentally new suspension structure has changed : from MacPherson strut front and independent rear mnogoryichazhka . But on all settings now quite different.

Difficult to tell unequivocally .

Rent Hyundai Santafe in Baku


Mercedes Benz ML 350

Who said that an executive car must be a huge sedan ? Back in 1997, Mercedes-Benz, by submitting your terrain M-Class , the bud has broken this belief. The second generation of “business class with high ground clearance ” saw the world in 2005 , and in the 2009 model year – updated its order . Today we have to test drive the new ML350, and we intend to deal seriously , what are touched planned modernization . Rent Mercedes Benz ML 350 in Baku

Reshaping crystal headlights

Representative of the second generation Mercedes-Benz ML visited the editorial test drive at the beginning of 2008. By the way, that car , coincidentally , was also equipped with a 3.5- liter engine . However, we did not start with the power plant , and from the appearance , for meet , as you know, on clothes . So, what is primarily characterized updated car ? If you are not a fan of the brand , then your answer is: ” It seems to be nothing … “. But if know where to direct their attention , the differences will be found instantly. The easiest way to identify a novelty front optics. Bottom line headlights get a stylish step. Falshradiatornaya lattice increased its size and become more solid . And as bumpers front and rear , changed its form to a more expressive . Upgraded and exterior mirrors . Such seemingly minor changes significantly freshened exterior of the car . The current Mercedes-Benz ML350 looks powerful , without losing the former sportiness.

updated content

Interior immerses the occupants in a strict , but at the same time stylish setting . Emphasize redesigned steering wheel. Now this style resonates with the new E-Class or Mercedes-Benz GLK. A light mood create new materials . Bright interior presents a two-tone scheme , the upper part is darker than the bottom . This solution visually increases the already considerable space .

Steering wheel adjustable for height and reach angle over a wide range , and on its upper spokes control buttons are located on-board computer and audio system. The seat features a variety of electrified adjustments. Geometry driver seat completely satisfied with any body , it will be comfortable for a long ride long distances. Despite the extraordinary appearance of lateral support rollers , call it annoying actually impossible.

The rear seats to get easy , good door opens onto a large angle, and the distance from the pad to the large pillar . Be comfortable here as two of the passengers and the three – the width is enough space, and the central tunnel is almost there. Height and distance to the front seat backrests stock is good, that’s only if the driver to enjoy the lowest landing , the feet under the front seat has not put . When traveling as a couple can be tilted center armrest with cup holders and lockable drawers box.

In detail, the typical features of ergonomics viewed the Stuttgart brand. Such as overloaded left-hand stalk lever ( responsible for the direction indicators , headlight wipers …). Behind him perched another , also quite characteristic for the cruise control . On the right side of the steering wheel – is a distinctive sign of today’s modern Mercedes. Actually, as in the S-Class or CL here is the selector of an automatic transmission . It’s very simply and easily – without taking your hands off the wheel upwards include reverse gear down – Drive, and pressing on the end – is parked mode .

Dashboard has two clearly identified well with steel rims , which are located speedometer and tachometer , fuel gauge and a small amount of fuel and a pointer . Between ” wells ” – two monochrome display . Readings are displayed on the lower gearbox and thermometer , and at the top you can browse most of the information you need . At the top of the center console , just below the vents of the ventilation system , the screen is a multimedia system. Below – climate control unit with a familiar and concise appearance (since this machine has been focused on the U.S. market, it is marked in Fahrenheit). And below – heated seat buttons , turn off the system stabilization, inclusion and DSR -terrain mode transmission.

The trunk lid is equipped with electric drive, it opens with the button on the key backup on the front left door card , or simply pulling the handle on the outside . Needless department has the correct form and a considerable volume of 550 l . Here , a plurality of hook and loop for securing cargo , and under the raised floor , but ” dokatki ” and tools , there is a place for storing small items . If desired, the rear seats are easy to fold , forming a nearly flat floor . The volume of cargo in the latter case more than two cubic meters .

” Technicals ” for every taste and purse

ML350 is equipped with a test engine V6, developing 272 hp . s. at 6000 rev / min and 350 Nm at 2400 rev / min. Also offers two petrol units V8: 5,0- liter (306 hp. . , 460 Nm) and one of the most powerful atmospheric production – 6.2-liter (510 hp. . , 630 Nm) . Last is the prerogative of powerful version ML63 AMG, which differs from the basic version completely migrated suspension, brakes, changed the appearance and extended lounge . Diesel engines can also be a V6: two 3.0 -liter – 190 hp respectively . s. and 440 Nm (ML280 CDI) and 224 l . s. and 510 Nm (ML320 CDI), and V8: 4,0 l 306 l . with . , 700 Nm (ML420 CDI). Transmission – only 7-speed automatic . Brakes on all six -cylinder versions of the disc ventilated front and rear disc just as well in the more powerful – ventilated on all four wheels . Not without electronic assistants : in addition to traditional ABS, EBD, ESP, above mentioned 4ETS and DSR, can be installed Pre-Safe, which in the case of a possible accident prepares all the passive safety system to a collision . In the basic configuration has six airbags ( front, side and inflatable ” curtains “) , in addition, you can optionally install side airbags for rear passengers. Rent Mercedes Benz ML 350 in Baku

Technically scheme suspensions have not changed: double wishbones front and ” chetyrehrychazhka ” rear. Besides the base spring suspension and air suspension is available in two versions ( “ordinary” and vsedorozhnaya ) . At the base of the car, as in our case , a clearance of 200 mm. In the version with the “simple” air suspension – from 180 to 260 mm ( also appear electronically controlled shock absorbers : System Adaptive Damping System), and if you order a special package Pro Off-Road, then at the maximum ( four latched ) clearance will reach 290 mm . If you purchase a package for driving off-road , except for the permanent all-wheel drive , the driver is able to lock the rear axle and cross-axle differentials and transfer case appears demultiplikator . But even in the “base” simulation provides electronic locks – System Four Electronic Traction Support, help system down the mountain Downhill Speed ​​Regulation and special mode of operation of the accelerator pedal and gearbox when driving off-road.

For the asphalt , not only

Visibility from the driver’s seat is good, despite even wider front rack. Thanks to the new mirror angle back significantly improved. Front marker felt from the first minute drive away, and helps take the reverse parking sensors and a rearview camera, but without , in the case of lowered rear headrests decent review .

A motor alive responds to the actions of long-stroke accelerator pedal and the transmission operates smoothly and gently . When overclocked at maximum acceleration becomes clear that the car agility provide connivent ratios box, but jerks when switching still does not feel . A small hitch is only from a standing start , and even on the move transition into three passing down occurs instantly. Manage gearbox matched to the engine.

The machine is well follows the precise, but not very sharp and with minimal driving rolls (given considerable weight ) runs fast turns . It would seem that such adjustments should significantly impair the smooth progress , but it is not – suspension dampens all irregularities native roads, and almost all the little things are not transmitted to the body . During the test drive we also managed to clearly read and the brake system . She deserves praise for informative and pedal force .

To check the quality of Terrain ML350, we moved to the hard-packed snow on the asphalt track. Large clearance even in such conditions allows to move very quickly , and it is with acceptable comfort inside. Turn right on loose snow . While its depth is small , the car all-wheel paddles confidently and with an enviable head moves forward . If before you impressive drifts – it is better not to risk it. Seat coupe ” on the belly ” – a matter of minutes, and with our road tires will not help even a special mode of transmission , designed for off-road. If you want to conquer the vastness of its ML wildlife , be sure to order the optional system Pro Off-Road, described above. made in the face of recent features have long been beloved off-road vehicle . He , as always , solid, impressive , meaningful , and now even more stylish .

Before buying it is worth considering how you plan to use the car , because in this case it is possible to purchase as ” urban dweller ” and very serious “rogue ” …

Rent Mercedes Benz ML 350 in Baku


Lexus GX 470

We are clothed in suits and shoe model to emphasize their position in society . But , getting to rest, prefer jeans and sneakers . To be comfortable , never rubbed , not sting , and the stain is not sorry. One dress for all occasions unavailable. But try to pick up the car can be universal .

In this role, look good Midsize SUV’y . And some of them , unlike the widely- spread “SUV “, represent a formidable weapon in the fight against rough terrain . It is to such vehicles can be attributed Lexus GX 470. In addition , Lexus – it is always elegant and ornate . Machine harvested in Division Toyota, which specializes in the production of vehicles intended primarily for the American market . Rent Lexus GX 470 in Baku

” Gee X” looks more dynamic than Toyota Prado, on the basis of which it is made . Configuration branded grille and headlight washer recalls luxury sedans Lexus’ovskie . And if the car is also black, as in our case , then it looks very respectable.

on top

People sitting in the cabin Lexus GX 470, surrounds comfort, plus they literally are on top, because you sit in the “G X” quite high. But no problem with getting on / off does not arise. And sometimes it is so important – not to stain your expensive pants and shoes. For the convenience of passengers the vehicle is equipped with a wide footrest , which is highlighted , you only open the door (even with the lights off and the ” dimensions “). Say, look, your lordship , where lacquered put the shoe , so as not to miss but not dirty.

Large ” mugs ” side mirrors provide sufficient information . When reverse gear they cant projected onto the rear wheels. Very comfortable , given the ride height . Trouble themselves with unnecessary movements is not necessary. All electrical adjustment ( height and depth , even steering ) . Light and ” wipers ” can be activated automatically by simply turning the paddle switches to the appropriate position . Box – 5-step “automatic”, no options , no winter and sport and manual shift modes . You can only limit the range of three switching gears , say, on the slopes , or two – to overcome the most difficult areas or towing boat or trailer with his beloved horse. The rest of the automatic transmission does everything itself – elects to adjusting to the temperament of the driver.

Sitting in the second row can adjust the tilt of his half back, set individual temperatures . And you want to relax and unwind , please disabled ” Vibro ” on the phone, put on headphones – and drowned, lost care of the outside world in chords of your favorite tunes .

And there is a third row. Moreover, to facilitate the landing there is a special step near the rear sofa. Yet on the “gallery ” better an offspring of a noble family , you can even three. And rest assured , the level of comfort they will not complain . Leather on the seats of the same workmanship as the rest , individual vents blowing . I wanted to breathe fresh air – slightly open window -pane . And if you have no desire to turn posh SUV bus, third row seats can be folded down , thereby increasing the amount of luggage .

Do not overdo it

Under the powerful hum V-shaped ” eight” huge flow of torque ( 433 Nm ) , passing through the automatic transmission is at 3400 rev / min and transferred to all four wheels – 53% forward and 47% back with equal coefficient of adhesion of the tires – confidently and quietly disperse heavy car . However, having come under the impression of such dynamics , we should not forget that the main scale ( primarily pay attention to it) on the odometer still in miles, and the real rate of more than one and a half times higher than anticipated . The design of Lexus GX 470 put spar frame , and the rear suspension dependent . Therefore, at the helm “G X” responds softly , with delays typical SUV . And although the growth rate GX 470 bit ” squatting ” in the tumble turns too fast still not worth it . In this case, heavy and high heel car starts smoothly , like a great frigate , and slip out of rotation . Of course , stability is not asleep . But devices that override the laws of physics , in the cars still not worth it. Besides a constant effort on the steering wheel does not provide clear feedback. So do not chase ” sharpened ” under asphalt competitors. ” Revenge » Lexus GX 470 can on rough terrain. And on the asphalt credo of this car – the maximum comfort . Why would slow down before the tramway on the bumpy road ? After all, there are no shocks , bumps, knocks . As if on a huge ship , sailing over all flawed fabric. The only disadvantage of causing the longitudinal and transverse swing of a body , as well as ” peck ” during heavy braking.

However, in sport mode suspension dampers as strict as possible (there are several intermediate stages ) roll in bends less. And while GX 470 is still very comfortable on any road , whether battered asphalt or paving stones .

One in two persons

Still, Lexus GX 470 – it’s not a city dude who only can that menacing look scare passenger cars , curbs and storm force deep puddles . ” Gee X” has a very serious off-road potential – rigidly lockable center differential , rear beam axle , air suspension , demultiplikator , and assistance with the mountain slopes . Perhaps the only road tire pattern restricts the promotion of ” gee xXx ” in the swamps and mud.

By ” peresechenke ” as Lexus GX 470 with enviable persistence moves wherever directs his driver . Thanks to the suspension move “G X” is almost always resting on the ground all wheels . Even when some of them are posted , no problems arise . Tough enough to lock the center differential , the machine quietly creeps on. At the most extreme case in the transmission has a lower number , which is activated by an additional lever .

Overhangs are small and sometimes geometric throughput is limited only by the angle of the ramp. However , it is necessary to press the button as air suspension lifts Lexus GX 470 , increasing ground clearance. Machine falls in the same way or automatically once score 20 km / h

good option

On “G ikse ” can not only make an impression , but not to fall face in the dirt ( excuse the pun ) on the serious off-road, for example, while traveling the countryside. Here are just a substitute black lacquered side under sharp “claws” branches of trees and shrubs is a pity, even despite the fact that they are almost half the reserved plastic body color . Rent Lexus GX 470 in Baku


Toyota Land Cruiser

The fact that a large SUV from the Japanese manufacturer for our country is a cult car , it is no secret. By quantity consumed Land Cruiser 200 per capita Mother Russia can beat only Arab sheiks . Owners of large SUV literally fall in love with your vehicle , which in turn also does not disappoint them .


My neighbor , the owner of the vehicle , such as in an interview said that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – it’s as good a safe deposit bank. Money invested does not depreciate no inflation , the machine is not actually falling in price, while it has a constant supply and maintenance problems , he does not feel. The second car in his garage he changes every year , but this replacement does not see. Me in the Land Cruiser 200 are satisfied, he sums up our conversation. If Toyota did not make this car any changes , it would more than one year used the same popularity as the time to market. Yet Japanese companies realize that even minor modifications to the flagship able to attract even more attention to the customer. Current 2012 has a Land Cruiser 200 for a year of renewal . Rent Toyota Land Cruiser in Baku

The first Japanese made ​​changes to the exterior of the car. Not to get involved in steel and large strokes added his creation of modern attributes and details of status emphasize . Changed the front bumper, which is more powerful , but because of sharply sloped bottom of the decreased total length of the front overhang . By this decision the car increased approach angle on the rise, which is undoubtedly important when driving off-road . Got a new form fog lights, the mirrors appeared repeaters bends . Head optics and LED taillights received component today without it can not do any modern car . Changed grille, aluminum moldings and appeared on the doors.


Physical changes in the car at first sight visible only the most attentive suitor . Of the basic worth noting the updated monitor and better graphics dashboard. Another manufacturer focuses on improved spectrum of finishes . We must give that up and restyling in Land Cruiser 200 was a vast choice in this niche . Now most picky clients must also be satisfied. Rent Toyota Land Cruiser in Baku

Of course, it is important for the owner , it looks like a car and how much was spent on leather trim , but today it is more important equipment, which helps the driver in everyday life. For millions favorite car at the Toyota tried to glory and equipped Land Cruiser 200 most modern systems, which allow to increase the level of comfort and take care of security.

Even if you ‘ve never climb into your SUV in the desert sands for you and the word ” dirt road ” something from another reality , you know perfectly well that the Land Cruiser is not a problem . Beyond that, a car and driver feel comfortable on any type of surface , the system monitors Multi-Terrain Select (MTS): its task is to correctly distribute the gas and follow the brake force depending on the type of road surface . MTS has five modes for different conditions . In -wheel drive mode , you can select the sand or clay, stones or gravel . In addition, the redesigned car is equipped with an Off-road Turn Assist? which integrated modernized system Crowl Control. When the switch actuator is in the L4 and vehicle speed exceeds 25 km / h , the system Crawl Control can be used alone or in conjunction with the selector mode selection assistance systems for off-road (Multi-terrain Select), helping the driver to move very slowly slope up or down , and release the stuck vehicle without the use of pedals.

In Russia, the car is only available with two engines . New gasoline V8 volume of 4.6 liters , 309 horsepower capacity , which replaces the 4.7 liter engine . The power unit of the current generation has higher performance characteristics , and thus the manufacturer notes lower fuel consumption . Diesel variants of Land Cruiser 200 is equipped as before 4.5-liter engine produces 235 horsepower with direct injection .

To explore the updated Toyota Land Cruiser 200 company chose Kazakhstan . It is worth noting that the union with the Russian government is very similar to our country. Asphalt pavement urgently needs repair and the local population with great pleasure your vote tenge for Land Cruiser. Roads are constantly encountered the previous generation cars with letter 100 cars and many current generation . On the other hand – that the roads that can be found in Kazakhstan , do not go to any comparison with Russian untrodden paths. That off-road parts and was given special attention. Since asphalt is clear. Here Toyota Land Cruiser 200 behaves just fine. Unevenness of coverage frame SUV just does not notice . It is not something that smooths them, and with a huge appetite swallows potholes and pits . Then you begin to understand why this car is quite often compared to a yacht . Spaces around you boundless steppes and you move towards the horizon, swaying slightly in the corners. In this mode you can drive more than one hundred kilometers.

A different story, when to send a car in the sand. Caspian Sea , departing leaves vast desert land . Seeing them, is not alone . Seems proedesh few meters and stuck to their ears . But smart system , which is equipped with Land Cruiser 200 , cope with such tasks in the blink of an eye . Translate Multi-terrain Selectv mode “sand” , translate the drive lever in position and turn L4 Crowl Control. Now you can do nothing at all , but only to guide the car in the right direction . If you want to work the gas pedal itself , then perform the same tricks , but without Crowl Control. The car can be dug only when the rules are not observed driving through the desert . Sudden braking or rough work with the gas can cause the machine to bury . If close friend on the same steed , it’s not terrible, but one in such places better not to go . After a day on the dunes increases ego at times, and it does not matter that most of the work has been taken over the car . You have something for yourself you realize that your favorite can do it without much labor , and therefore in a pair you real conquerors of the terrain. Rent Toyota Land Cruiser in Baku

After a rocky desert foothills seems all the training ground for beginners. You are not afraid of lifts when the windshield is seen only blue sky . You already fully trust wise electronic systems and robust housing Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Watch just to not hit your car wheel on a sharp stone , and then have to work with a wrench and a jack .

After the car coped with all the tests can be forgiven Land Cruiser 200 any flaws . However, the thing: the Japanese car turned out such as for comfort , and terrain, and manageability nothing to complain about . And if you do decide to do this, then the wizard will offer you another restyling that will make you forget about the claims .